Premiere aural catharsis and designer sophistry for psyberpunk scumfucks and bottom-feeding occultural scenesters.

Why Choose Us?

As the quintessential zeepotheosis, we remain committed to building long-term growth in volume and profit and to enhancing our worldwide aeonic position by providing the public with round-the-clock zentertainment, organized disinformation, and mind and mood altering wetware hacks of superior value, all via the Internet.

The exceptional incompetence of our world-class leadershiplessness remainss dedicated to a Turbulence Management philosophy that holds results before reputations and peeps above props. And we remain committed to an Adviriitizing and Trafficking philosophy that helps ensure the name Z(enseider)Z associates itself with whorish, subversive adviriitizing.

Our e-mail posts, blog entries, status updates, and flame tirades get cultivated and precision crafted on 4 continents in over 23 countries around the world.

Who the Fuck are the Z(enseider)Z?

Frater Veneficium Vulgus

Z(enseider)Z lead designer

As always, Z(enseider)Z exists to leech your OV™ through vastly superior technologies existing in one or more of the following devices:

* maliciously arranged enumerasciigilia

(2.) hostile vampiric electronic servitors or parasitic digital eidolons (3.) sadistic public humiliation (4.) prolonged memetic torture (5.) dome invasion (6.) tactical ontological reductionism (7.) unadulterated flamewar campaigns (8.) deliberate accidents (9.) improvised psi-warfare maneuvers aimed at extracting the most essential emanations of Effluvia Enriched Synthetic OV

Those individuals at highest risk to the subtle hyperphrenic influence of Z(enseider)Z memetic stylings include, but do not remain limited to:

* children, infants, and the unborn (see our Prenatal Advisory (https://zenseiderz.org/warning.html) for contraindications regarding fetal protein shakes and their susceptibility to parasitic eidolons and vampiric servitors while in the womb.)

The Society of the Octarine Siblinghood

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